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TFRecToTS is a Windows command line program for the sole purpose of instantaneously (well nearly) converting my transferred Topfield TF5800PVR .rec files to transport stream (TS) format so that I can play them in Media Player Classic on my WinXP PC and then convert back again if needed.

Download v02 :

v02 adds the ability to convert multiple files in one go.

Note that a .rec file converted to .rec.ts with v01 can not be converted back to a .rec with v02 and vice versa. This is because I changed the file position that any header information is stored at from 0x0300 to 0x0E00 in case other TF5800 firmwares make use of that address. Whatever combination you try, no harm should come to the files since before any data is overwritten a check is made to make sure that the data to be overwritten is all zeros - if not, nothing is changed.

Download v01 :